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Goel, R. K.

  • Survival of Oak Tasar Silkworm Antheraea proylei J. in Relationship with Age of Leaves in Quercus semecarpifolia and Q. Serrata

  • Studies on the Constituents of Shells and Peduncles of Different Eco-races of Antheraea mylitta D

  • Effect of Tamrabhasma, (an Indian Ayurvedic Preparation of Copper) on Some General Physiological, Reproductive and Laboratory Parameters in Rats

  • Status of Mucosal Offensive and Defensive Factors in Pylorus Ligatedinduced Gastric Ulceration in NIDDM Rats vis-a-vis Plantain Banana

  • Studies on Laxative Effect of Extract of Dried Fruit Pulp of Cassia fistula

  • Palaeocurrent Analysis of the Siwaliks of Panjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

  • The Spiti Ordovician-Silurian Succession

  • Paleogeographic Evolution of a Part of the Indo-Gangetic Trough from the Late Tertiary to Recent