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Thapliyal, R. C.

  • Morphological and Physiobiochemical Changes in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. Seed during its Development

  • Relation of Seed Viability and Vigour with Nursery Emergence in Dalbergia sissoo

  • Germination Behaviour and Storability of Ailanthus excelsa Seeds

  • Heterosis and Variation in Reproductive Parameters of Reciprocal F1 Hybrids between Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm. And E. Camaldulensis Dehn

  • Observation on the Nursery Technique of Grewia optiva J.R. Drumm. Ex Burrer for Production of Early Transplantable Seedling under Dehra Dun Agro-climatic Conditions

  • Valley of Flowers: Need for Conservation or Preservation

  • Studies on the Germination and Viability of Seed of Two Species of Himalayan Alders, Alnus nitida and A. nepalensis

  • Enhancement of Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Aesculus indica by Stratification

  • Preliminary Silvicultural Techniques for Planning of Shrubs in the Siwaliks and Himalayas for Rehabilitation of Wastelands and Degraded Sites

  • Vegetative Propagation of Sandal by Root Cuttings

  • Presowing Treatment of Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii De Wild.) and Australian Blackwood (Acacia melonoxylon R. Br.) Seed.

  • Rules for Germination Test of Tree Seeds for Certification