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Dinesh Kumar, P.

  • Developments of a Robotic Arm for Dangerous Object Disposal

  • Synthesis and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activities of Some Novel Isatin Derivatives and Analogs

  • Dendrimers: Therapeutic Activity and Application

  • Formulation and Characterization of Lansoprazole Floating Microspheres

  • A Thorough Investigation on Performance Analysis of Retinal Image Processing Techniques

  • Microwave-Assisted Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Novel Pyrazole Derivatives

  • Synthesis of Novel Thiazole Derivatives as Analgesic Agents

  • Mechanical Behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete Under Ambient Curing

  • Coral Mortality in the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India, Due to Bleaching Caused by Elevated Sea Temperature in 2016

  • Study on Weldability of EN 10025-6 S550 QT Steel