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Jain, P. C.

  • Response of Soybean {Glycine max(L.) Merrill} to Phosphorus and Biofertilizers

  • Universal Stability Criterion for Ferro-Fluids

  • Critical Success Factors Leading to Meaningful Industry Institution Interaction in the Indian Setting

  • Innovation

  • A Study on Utility of Industrial Training of Polytechnic Teachers

  • Industrial Training of Teachers-Case Study of Performance Evaluation

  • Management of Change

  • Professional Involvement of Polytechnic-A Key to Industry-Institution Interaction

  • Changing Senario in Indian Technical and Vocational Systems in 20005 Strategies for the Management of Change

  • Objectives of Industrial Training of Teachers

  • Microbiolgical Study of Root Nodule Bacteria from Wild Legumes

  • Selection of Effective Indigenous Rhizobium Strains in District Sagar for Chickpea Bioinoculant