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Yadav, Neelam

  • Facts about Natural Versus Artificial Sugars

  • Evaluation of Ground Water Quality of Residential Areas on the Basis of Chemical Parameters

  • Analysis of Heavy Metals in Ground Water of Kanpur Metro, U.P.

  • Effect of Non-Synthetic Pesticides as Antifeedant on Papilio demoleus

  • Neem Based Pesticides as an Antifeedant against Tobacco Caterpillar, Spodoptera litura Fab.

  • Phytotoxic Effect of Neem Based Pesticides Controller on Seedlings of Crucifer

  • A Survey of Agricultural Pests aAnd Predators on Cole Crops in Kanpur Region, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • A Survey of Farmers Knowledge and Management Practices Adopted in Cruciferous Vegetables in Kanpur, Central Uttar Pradesh

  • Standardisation and Development of Antioxidant Rich Food:Product Using Broccoli and Mushroom

  • Unveiled the Impact of IF IF RS on Indian Corporate Sector