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Khan, Nazam

  • In Sacco Degradability of Wheat Straw Treated with Urea and Fibrolytic Enzymes

  • In Sacco Degradability of Wheat Straw Treated With Urea and Fibrolytic Enzymes

  • Impact of Cold Stress on Blood Biochemical and Immune Status in Male and Female Vanaraja Chickens

  • Environmental Issues in Livestock Development and Mitigation Options - A Review

  • Effect of Supplementation of Protected Methionine, Lysine and Choline on Performance of Lactating Cows - A Review

  • Study on the Adoption Behaviour of Wheat Growers in Bidar District of India

  • Niacin Supplementation for Lactating Cows Under Heat Stress Conditions - A Review

  • Nutritional Drivers of Rumen Development:A Review