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Kumar, Naresh

  • Pine Briquetting- An Endeavour for Green Fuel

  • Trade Unions in Malaysia:Perspectives of Employers & Employees of Unionized Companies

  • Psychological Attributes and Entrepreneurial Success

  • Improved Service Delivery in Indian Hospitals through Public Private Partnership

  • Changes in the Micromorphology of Two Common Roadside Dicotyledonous Plants under the Influence of Automobile Pollution along the National Highway- 58

  • Combining Ability and Heterosis Studies for Some Biometrical Traits in Lentil Under Sub-Mountain Himalayan Region

  • The Nature and Magnitude of Variability and Disease Reaction of Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik) Genotypes Across Cropping Systems

  • Identification of Potential Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik) Genotypes for Monocropping and Lentil-Linseed Cropping System Based on Genetic Divergence

  • Component Analysis for Seed Yield and Yield Traits in Microsperma × Macrosperma Derivatives of Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)

  • Strong Motion Data Analysis of the 4 April 2011 Western Nepal Earthquake (M 5.7) and its Implications to the Seismic Hazard in the Central Himalaya

  • Effect of Source of Protein and Feeding Frequency on Nutrients and Water Intake of Murrah Buffalo Calves

  • Volcanic Vent in Nakora Ring Complex of Malani Igneous Suite, Northwestern India

  • Microbial Mobilization of Soil Phosphorus and Sustainable P Management in Agricultural Soils

  • Performance Evaluation of Chromatic Dispersion in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

  • Randon/Helium Survey of Thermal Springs of Parbati, Beas and Sutlej Valleys in Himachal Himalaya

  • Living Condition, Lifestyle Issues and Health-Seeking Behaviour among Rickshaw Pullers in Delhi

  • Trees for Life:Creating Sustainable Livelihood in Bundelkhand Region of Central India

  • Impact of Parental Socio-Economic Factors on the Performance of Students in IIT-JEE

  • Study of Structural and Electrical Properties of R0.67Sr0.33MnO3, (R = Nd, Pr)

  • Prominent Precursory Signatures Observed in Soil and Water Radon Data at Multi-Parametric Geophysical Observatory, Ghuttu for Mw 7.8 Nepal Earthquake

  • Elements and Management of Networking, and Method of Solution with Human Intervention

  • Wi-Fi and Wimax: A Comparative Review

  • Information Access to Villagers through Connecting Different Sectors:Infonetwork Centre Model

  • Effect of GA3 and Azotobacter on Growth and Flowering in African Marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) Cv. PUSA NARANGI GAINDA

  • Multiplicative Normed Linear Space and its Topological Properties

  • Mathematical Achievement of 8th Class Students in Relation to Educational Aspiration

  • Noise Tolerance Enhancement with Leakage Current Reduction in Dynamic Logic Circiuts

  • Design of Low Voltage and Low Power D-Flip Flop

  • Does Nuclear Energy Consumption Improve Environment? Empirical Evidence from India

  • Synthesis and Characterization of A0.67Sr0.33MnO3 (A=Pr and Nd) Manganites

  • To Study the Effect of Vitamin D and E on Sodium-Fluoride-induced Toxicity in Reproductive Functions of Male Rabbits

  • Density Functional Theory-Based Quantum Rationalization of Flavones From Oroxylum indicum, their Correlation with Redox Effect, Molecular Interaction Studies and Osmotic Hemolysis

  • Document Clustering for Knowledge Synthesis and Project Portfolio Funding Decision in R&D Organizations