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Sharma, Meenakshi

  • Effect of Soil Amendments with Roots of Acacia nilotica on Growth of Eucalyptus globulus

  • An Analysis of Inadequacies in Public Health Facilities: A Case Study of a Government Multispecialty Tertiary Care Hospital

  • Dental Survey of Children in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

  • Evaluation of a Health Insurance Scheme in a Multi-Specialty Tertiary Level Teaching Hospital of North India

  • Efectivenes of Conservative Hand Therapy Treatment in Rheuumatoid Arthritis

  • Cost Analysis of Outsourcing Bio-medical Waste Management Services in a Tertiary Level Multispecialty Government Hospital

  • A Study of Children's Influence on Environmentally Sustainable Consumption Decision in Households

  • EHR Adoption in India: Potential and the Challenges

  • Assessment of Schoolchildren for Congenital Heart Disease Using Murmurs and Blood Pressure as Markers

  • Dynamics of Higher Education in Punjab

  • Needle Stick and Sharp Injuries among House-Keeping Workers:A Case Study of a City Hospital

  • A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Music Therapy on Stress and Blood Pressure among Antenatal Mothers with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension at Selected Hospitals of Punjab

  • Classification of Clinical Dataset of Cervical Cancer using KNN

  • Intrusion Detection Using Feature Selection and Machine Learning Algorithm with Misuse Detection

  • Shinning India with Solar Parks

  • Power Consumption-aware Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud data Center

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Effort Estimation In Software Development