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Kumar, Manish

  • Stock Index Return Forecasting and Trading Strategy Using Hybrid ARIMA-Neural Network Model

  • Leader-Member Exchange & Perceived Organizational Justice - An Empirical Investigation

  • Improving Security and Efficiency in Attribute-Based Data Sharing

  • Carbon Stocks in Natural and Planted Mangrove forests of Mahanadi Mangrove Wetland, East Coast of India

  • Robust Study and Design of a Low Power CMOS CSVCO using 45nm Technology

  • Organizational Citizenship Behavior & Employee Well-Being

  • Decision based Cognitive Learning using Strategic Game Theory

  • Development of Village Information System for Resource Planning Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques:A Case Study of Raikholi Village, District Almora, Uttarakhand

  • A Comparative Study of Different Types of Mixer Topologies

  • An Overview of Image Enhancement Techniques

  • Development of domain based Hindi to Punjabi Machine Translation System - Scope and Challenges

  • Need and Acceptability of Mother Tongue as Medium of Technical Education at Higher Level in State of Punjab

  • A Study of Efficient Quality Parameters in Supply Chain Management

  • Normative Influences on Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior

  • Physiological Study of Indian Wheat Varieties (Triticum aestivum L.)

  • Evaluation of Ground Water Quality of Residential Areas on the Basis of Chemical Parameters

  • Analysis of Heavy Metals in Ground Water of Kanpur Metro, U.P.

  • Effect of Non-Synthetic Pesticides as Antifeedant on Papilio demoleus

  • Neem Based Pesticides as an Antifeedant against Tobacco Caterpillar, Spodoptera litura Fab.

  • Phytotoxic Effect of Neem Based Pesticides Controller on Seedlings of Crucifer

  • Integration of Laser Technology with Dimensional Metrology for Generation of CAD Data

  • Uncertainty Budget Evaluation of High Precision Length Measuring Equipment

  • Constraints in Adoption of Integrated Pest Management Practices by Cotton Growers in Nimar Region of Madhya Pradesh

  • A Study on the Performance on Productivity of Sugarcane Crop with Different Combination of Tillage Operations

  • Performance Evaluation of Sugar Cane Cutter Planter Using Different Parameters

  • Study of the Effect of Pre and Post Irrigation on Different Tillage Treatments for Different Planter on Soil’s Physical Properties

  • Parabolic Bundles in Positive Characteristic

  • Urban Growth Dynamics and Modelling Using Remote Sensing Data and Multivariate Statistical Techniques

  • Study on Effect of Evaporative Cooled Turning Tool with Water Soaked Banana Fiber for Machining Ti–6Al-4V Alloy

  • Role of Technology in Education for Visually Impaired

  • Dissolution Method Development and Validation for Combination Dosage Form of Telmisartan and Nebivolol hydrochloride Tablets using UV Spectrophotometric Method

  • Development of Natural Gum based Sustained Release Tablets of Propranolol Hydrochloride

  • Methodological Errors in Research:A Review

  • Current Research in Neuropathology and Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer’s Disease:A Review

  • Current Research in Neuropathology and Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer’s Disease:A Review

  • Survey Paper on Routing Protocols in VANET

  • Exploring the Perception about Ketogenic Diet among Young Adults

  • Water Purification and Biomineralization using Nanofibres-Based Membrane Technology