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Sanjappa, M.

  • Additions to the Genus Indigofera L. (Fabaceae) of India and Bhutan

  • Indigofera Trita L. F. (Fabaceae - Papilionoideae) Complex in India

  • Przewalskia Maxim. (Solanaceae)-a New Generic Record for India

  • Two New Species of Indigofera L. (Fabaceae) from Western Himalayas

  • Revision of the Genera Butea Roxb. Ex Willd. and Melzotropls Volgt (Fabaceae)

  • A New Name for an Indian Desmodium Desv. (Fabaceae)

  • Plant Genetic Resources of Sikkim

  • Flowers of Sahyadri - Field Guide to 500 Flowers of North Western Ghats

  • Phyllanthus parvifolius, P. Clarkei (Euphorbiaceae) and Related Indian Taxa

  • Review

  • In Memorium - Dr. G. Panigrahi (1924-2004)

  • Three New Taxa of Ericaceae from India

  • Two New Species and a New Distributional Record of Archidendron F. Muell. (Leguminosae:Mimosoideae) from India

  • Notes on Cleidion nitidum (Euphorbiaceae) from Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India

  • A New Species of Vaccinium L. (Ericaceae) from India

  • Plants Affecting Human Mind (Psychoactive Plants)

  • Supplement to Flora of Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Legumes in India - Applications in Food, Medicine and Industry

  • Palms for India

  • Some Observations on a Report on Scientometric Analysis on Botanical Survey of India

  • Implications of Mistaken Identities in Conservation of Wild Mangoes

  • Name Confusions in Indian Cycads

  • The African and Arabian Moringa Species:Chemistry, Bioactivity and Therapeutic Applications

  • Plants of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Himalaya:A Field Guide

  • Pillars of Life:Magnificient Trees of the Western Ghats