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Gupta, M. P.

  • Effect of Compactness by Timber Operations on the Infiltration Rate in a Sal Plantation

  • Effect of Different Levels of N, P, K on the Growth of Robinia pseudacacia Linn. Seedlings

  • Present Status and Future Prospects for the Cultivation and Collection of Medicinal Plants of Himachal Pradesh

  • Experience in Breeding of Musk Deer for the Production of Musk

  • Vegetative Propagation of Coniferous Forest Tree Species from Branch Cuttings with the Help of Mist chamber

  • Study of Soil Micro-morphology with Special Reference to Soils of Fir Zone of Kulu

  • Immunization Status of North Indian Infants & Children - Part III. Observations from Jammu & Kashmir

  • Comparative Efficacy of Neem Products and Insecticides Against the Incidence of Coriander Aphid, Hyadaphis coriandari Das

  • Rheological Quality of Rasogolla and Soy-Rasogolla

  • Evaluation of Factors Contributing to Excessive Nitrate Accumulation in Fodder Crops Leading to Ill-Health in Dairy Animals