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Rawat, M. M. S.

  • Germination Behaviour and Storability of Ailanthus excelsa Seeds

  • Studies on the Germination and Viability of Seed of Two Species of Himalayan Alders, Alnus nitida and A. nepalensis

  • Fruit Maturity And Interrelated Effects of Temperature and Container on Longevity of Neem (Azadirachta indica) Seeds

  • Preliminary Studies on Seed Germination Behaviour Berberis lycium, Royle-an Important Shrub for Reclamation of Wastelands in the Himalaya

  • Studies on Dormancy and Treatment to Enhance Germination of Champa (Michelia champaca, Linn.) Seed

  • Investigation on the Seed of Michelia champaca Linn. for Perfection of Optimum Conditions of Storage

  • Effect of Temperature and Containers on Holoptelia integrifolia Planch Seeds for Maximum Retention of Viability and Vigour

  • Preliminary Studies on Germination and Longevity of Carissa opaca, Stapf. Seeds

  • Germination Behaviour of Various Provenances of Acacia nilotica ssp. Indica