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Rasingam, L.

  • Ethnomedicinal Plants of the Aborigines in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India

  • Combretum tetragonocarpum Kurz var. Tetralophum (C. B. Clarke) M. Gangop. & Chakrab. (Combretaceae) - A New Record for India from Nicobar Islands

  • Recollection of Cassine viburnifolia (Juss.) Ding Hou (Celastraceae) from Andaman Islands

  • Two New Additions to The Flora of South India from Manjeera Wildlife Sanctuary, Telangana

  • Three New Additions to the Flora of United Andhra Pradesh

  • Three New Additions to the Flora of Eastern Ghats

  • New Distributional Record of the Endemic Species Pavetta travancorica (Rubiaceae) from Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Acrachne borii (Poaceae) a New Species from Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Habenaria reniformis (D. Don) Hook.f. (Orchidaceae) - A New Distributional Record for Andhra Pradesh

  • A New Variety of Amorphophallus konkanensis (Araceae) from Telangana, India