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Pandarinath, K.

  • A Note on Silica Sands of South Kanara Coast, Karnataka, India

  • Sediment Transport Direction Derived from Grain-Size Statistics on the Continental Shelf Off Mangalore, West Coast of India

  • A 75 Ka Record of Palaeoclimatic Changes Inferred from Crystallinity of Illite from Nal Sarovar, Western India

  • Mineral Magnetic Signature of the Early Holocene Intense Monsoon Conditions Recorded in Sediments from the Southwestern Indian Continental Margin

  • Late Quaternary Sedimentation Records on the Continental Slope off Southwest Coast of India - Implications for Provenance, Depositional and Paleomonsoonal Conditions

  • Elemental Distribution in Innershelf Sediments off Coondapur, West Coast of India