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Bhuvaneswari, K.

  • Rainfall Scenario in Future over Cauvery Basin in India

  • Evaluation of Weather-Based Crop Insurance Products for Kharif Groundnut

  • Assessment of Grain Damage and Weight Loss Caused by Sitophilus oryzae (L.) Feeding on Split Pulses

  • Comparative Analysis of Various Edge Detection Methods in Digital Image Processing

  • A Comprehensive Study on Big Data Technologies and Challenges

  • Biochemical Evaluation of Fish Grown in Sewage Water

  • The Impacts of Climate Change on Tamil Nadu Rainfed Maize Production:A Multi-Model Approach to Identify Sensitivities and Uncertainties

  • Child Sexual Abuse:A Progressive Social Disorder

  • Vegetables Helps in Keeping a Healthy Balance

  • Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Rice Using Controlled Environment Chamber in Tamil Nadu, India

  • Occurrence and Distribution of Clostridium perferingens in Relation to Conventional Faecal Indicator Bacterial in Shrimp Farm

  • Effect of Process Parameters on In-Bin Drying Characteristics of High Moisture Paddy

  • Bioavailability of Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon in Long-Term Sewage-Drained Soils of Tamil Nadu