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Aruna, K.

  • Optimisation Studies for the Immobilization of Oligonucleotide Probe on Silica Nanoparticles

  • In vitro Antagonism of Three Trichoderma spp. against Sclerotium rolfsii Sace., a Collar-rot Pathogen in Elephant Foot Yam

  • Effect of Temperature on Physicochemical and Ripening Qualities of Banana (Musa paradisiaca)

  • Study of Methyl Parathion Degradation by Arthrobacter globiformis Ad26 Isolated from Soil

  • Glycaemic and Cholesterolaemic Effect of Sprouted Fenugreek on Diabetic Subjects

  • Studies on Biosurfactant Production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa R2 Isolated from Oil Contaminated Soil Sample

  • Analysis of a Primary Suspension Spring Used in Locomotives

  • CFD Simulation for Charging and Discharging Process of Thermal Energy Storage System Using Phase Change Material

  • Productivity Improvement by Reduction of Rejections in Grid Casting Using Six Sigma Methodology

  • Productivity Improvement by Reducing the Tool Change Time Using SMED Methodology

  • Fabrication of Die-Sinking Electrical Discharge Machine for Machining of Holes on Copper Plate

  • Experimental Investigation on Developed One-Way Abrasive Flow Finishing Machine with Pneumatic System