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Reddy, K. R.

  • Living Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages of Pulicat Lake, East Coast of India

  • The Shell Structure of Inoceramus from the Upper Cretaceous Beds Near Ariyalur, South India

  • Recent Foraminifera from the Pennar Estuary, Andhra Pradesh

  • Living and Dead Foraminiferida in the Araniar River Estuary, Chingleput District, Tamil Nadu State

  • Diversity and Dominance of Living and Total Foraminiferal Assemblages, Pennar Estuary, Andhra Pradesh

  • Cluster Analysis and Distribution of Recent Foraminifera, Araniar River Estuary, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Foraminiferal Species Densities and Environmental Variables of Pulicat Lake, Southeast Coast of India

  • Soil and Land Quality Indicators of the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India

  • Improved Robust Controller Design for Stabilization of Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System