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Sharma, K. P.

  • An Assessment of Nutritional Value of a Local Strain of Spirulina platensis Using Fish Model

  • Toxic Effects of Aluminium and Fluoride on Planktonic Community of the Microcosms

  • Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Aluminium Fluoride to Flora and Fauna in a Microcosm

  • Studies on the Organoleptic Qualities OE Cereals Fumigated with Aluminium Phosphide

  • Assessment of Environmental Contamination Potential of Distillery Effluent Using Plant and Animal Bioassays

  • Factors Affecting Degradation and Decolourisation of an Azo Dye, Methyl Red, in Fixed Film Bioreactors

  • Chemical Composition of Bajra grains 1. African Entries

  • Chemical Composition of Bajra grains 2. American Entries

  • Chemical Constamts of Lipid Content of High Yielding Varieties and Hybrids of Bajra (Pennisetum typhoideum) Flour

  • Chemical Composition of Bajra Grains 4. Indian Varieties

  • Variation in Carbon Storage Among Tree Species in The Planted Forest of Kathmandu, Central Nepal