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Kaur, Jaspreet

  • Effect of Unilateral and Bilateral Auricular Acupuncture Like TENS on Pain Threshold

  • Inspiratory Muscle Performance Following Diaphragmatic Resistance Training in Healthy Adults

  • Role of Horizontal Gene Transfer Events in the Evolution of Phenol 2–Monooxygenase Gene: a Comparative Study across 75 Prokaryotic Genomes

  • Effect of Collar on Balance in Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency Patients

  • Randomized Control Trial on Effectiveness of Static Stretching on Hamstring Flexibility in Indian School Children (5-12 Yrs)

  • Employee Perception towards Compensation & Motivation: A Study of Front Line Executives

  • On the Existence of Free Action of S3 on Certain Finitistic Mod P Cohomology Spaces

  • Robotic Apple Harvesting Using Computer Vision Based on Shape & Colour Analysis and Object Positioning

  • A Hybrid Image Restoration Algorithm for Digitized Degraded Historical Documents

  • Monitoring and Movement Detection of an Object Using Connective Frame Comparison Method

  • Impact of Training and Development Programmes on the Productivity of Employees in the Banks

  • MOOCs in India:Yet to Shine

  • AGC of a Two-Area Interconnected Non-Reheat Power System with a Parallel HVDC Link using PI Controller and Fuzzy Logic Controller

  • Effect of Including Emissions in Economic Dispatch

  • Detection of Good Quality Wheat Grains Using Image Processing

  • Slave Control by Using Progressive Hotspot Selection and Allocation over Television White Space

  • Hiding Text in Video Using Steganographic Technique - A Review

  • Neural Network based Refactoring Area Identification in Software System with Object Oriented Metrics

  • Implementation of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) in Linear Antenna Arrays for SLL Reduction

  • Low Side Lobe Level Linear Array Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms:A Review

  • Ultra-Wideband Antenna’s Design Techniques

  • CAZAC-Clipping Technique for PAPR Reduction in Direct-Detection Optical OFDM System

  • Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT Algorithm for Solar PV systems

  • Speech to Text Encryption Using Cryptography Techniques

  • Multi Sensor Based Biometric System using Image Processing

  • Comparative Study of APM Tools

  • In vivo Studies on the Protective Effect of Propolis on Doxorubicin‑Induced Toxicity in Liver of Male Rats

  • Satisfaction Level of Physiotherapy Students in North India

  • Construction of 'Kolkata-Mental Illness Stigma Scale (K-MISS)'