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Tagar, Hamzo Khan

  • Management for Sustainable Development Goals: Is Public-Private Partnership for Educational Development is Worthwhile in Sindh -Pakistan?

  • Sustainable Development Goals through Human Resources Management: Managing Pakistan’s Land Revenue Resources with Challenges and Opportunities

  • Sustainable Development Goals: End poverty, Food Security and Healthy Lives through Human Resources and Managing Agriculture Productivity (A case of Pakistan)

  • Sindh Forestry Resources: Causes of Deforestation and Policy Guideline for Its Conservation (A Case Study of Lower Indus Valley Sindh-Pakistan)

  • Sindh Agro Eco System: Major Obstacles and Remedies

  • Millennium Development Goals: Reducing Gender Disparity through Educational Incentives (Evidences from Sindh-Pakistan)

  • An Estimation of the Long Run Relationship between Agriculture Output, Export and Investment in Sindh-Pakistan (Some Evidences From Johnson Model 1988-95)

  • Global Challenges and Issues in Agricultural Marketing and Their Impact on Growers Performance (A Case Study of Sindh - Pakistan)