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Prasad, G.

  • Bionomics and Control of Philosamia (Attacus) Cynthia Drury (Leptdoptera : Saturnitdae)

  • Epidemic Deioliation of Poplars and its Control in Tarai Central Forest Division, Uttar Pradesh

  • The Effect of Sea Food Processing Discharge on the Nearby Wetlands in Cherthala-Aroor-Edakochi Coastal Belt of Kerala, India

  • Role of Polytechnics in Community Development in Jharkhand

  • Rediscovery of Impatiens brevicornis L. (Balsaminaceae), a less known species of Western Ghats, India

  • Distribution Pattern and Population Characteristics of Impatiens johnii E. Barnes, A Stenotopic Endemic and Endangered Balsam in The Mountain Landscape of Munnar, Kerala, India