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Sen, D. P.

  • Striated Pavement to the East of Karmatanr, Bihar

  • Depositional History of Permo-Carboniferous Tillites and Associated Sediments in W. Bokaro Gondwana Basin, Bihar, India

  • Small Scale Ripple Superimposed on Large Scale Ripple

  • Step-Like Delta from Talchir Rocks Around Village Simlipal, Orissa

  • Talchir Sedimentation in Jayanti Gondwana Basin: A Case of Glacio-Lacustrine Low Slope Prograding Delta Sedimentation

  • Fossil Till Ball and Armoured Mud Ball from the Glaciofluvial Talchir Formation, Talchir Gondwana Basin, Orissa

  • Talchir (Lower Gondwana) Sedimentation in Daltonganj Coal Field, Bihar, India

  • Studies on Packaging and Storage of Sohan Halwa

  • Use of Interesterified Fats in Food Preparations