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Haldar, C.

  • Peripheral Melatonin Concentration and its Correlation with Estradiol and Progesterone Levels during Different Months of Pregnancy and after Delivery in Women

  • Adaptive Significance of Annual Variation in Immune Parameters and Endogenous Hormones (Melatonin and Thyroxine) of a Tropical Rodent Funambulus pennanti

  • Seasonal Changes in Melatonin and Immunological Adaptations in Birds

  • Antigenic Cross Reactivity between Pineal Extracts and Ovarian Follicular Fluid:A Preliminary Report

  • In Vitro Effect of Malatonin and IL-1 (Produced by Peritoneal Macrophages) on Spleenic and Thymic Lymphocyte Proliferation of Funambulus pennanti (Indian Palm Squirrel)

  • Effect of Melatonin on Thymidine Kinase Activity in Homogenates of Thyroid Lobes of Indian Jungle Bush Quail P. asiatica:An in Vitro Approach

  • Effect of Exogenous Prolactin Administration on Harderian Gland Porphyrin Content in Female Indian Palm Squirrel, Funamabulus pennanti

  • Melatonin, Gestation and Fetal Development

  • Trade-Off Relationship between Melatonin and Gonadal Steroid on Melatonin Receptor (MEL 1A R) Expression in Lymphoid Tissue

  • Notice for Annual General meeting

  • Thyroid Gland in Regulation of Annual Reproduction and Oxidative Metabolism of a Tropical Bird, Perdicula Asiatica:Role of Melatonin and Environmental Factors