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Guha, Arindam

  • An Image Processing Approach for Converging ASTER-Derived Spectral Maps for Mapping Kolhan Limestone, Jharkhand, India

  • Satellite Based Observations on the Deformation Pattern in Parts of Delhi Fold Belt, Jaipur, Rajasthan

  • Potentials of Alternate Polarization of Envisat ASAR Data in Geological Mapping - A Case Study in Kurnool Group of Rocks, Andhra Pradesh

  • Spectral Response of Few Important Textural Variants of Chromitite and its Potential in Estimating Relative Grades of Chromitite – A Case Study for Chromitite of Nuggihalli Schist Belt, India

  • Structural Controls on Coal Fire Distributions - Remote Sensing Based Investigation in the Raniganj Coalfield, West Bengal

  • Spectroscopic Study of Rocks of Hutti-Maski Schist Belt, Karnataka

  • Potential of Airborne Hyperspectral Data for Geo-Exploration over Parts of Different Geological/Metallogenic Provinces in India based on AVIRIS-NG Observations