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Chauhan, Amit

  • Note on Elymus kuramensis (Meld.) T. A. Cope (Poaceae) from India

  • Oxytropis hypoglottoides (Baker) Ali: A New Record for India

  • The Essential Oil of 'bhang' (Cannabis sativa L.) for Non-Narcotic Applications

  • A Comparative Study of Various Ant Colony Based Routing Algorithms for Mobile Ad hoc Network

  • A New Approach for Trust Calculation in MANET

  • A New Podium in Semantic Web Based E-Learning for Student Evaluation

  • Get Better Accuracy and Quality of Clustering Using Variation of K Means

  • Can Industrial Utilization of Invasive Aromatic Weeds be a Sustainable Approach for their Management?

  • Study on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Aluminum Alloy 63401 Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced with Silicon Carbide Powder

  • Study on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Aluminium Alloy 63401 Reinforced with Alumina Powder

  • Effect of Nanoparticles Based Lubricants on Static Thermal Behaviour of Journal Bearings:A Review

  • Fabrication of Al2024/MWCNT Composite