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Verma, Ajay

  • Role of Lag and Position Screws for Osteosynthesis in Various Oral and Maxillofacial Operative Procedures

  • Assessment of Duration of Exposure to Noise by the Operators in Power Tiller Workplace

  • Development of Pedal Operated Thresher for Finger Millets

  • DLworm: A System for Workflow and Repository Management for Digital Libraries

  • Understanding Different ADC Parameters used in Software Radio for 3G/4G Mobile Receiver

  • Interpreting Genotype X Environment by Non-Parametric Methods for Malt Barley Evaluated under North Western Plains Zone

  • Statistical Methods to Study Adaptability of Barley Genotypes Evaluated Under Multi Environment Trials

  • Wheat Genotypes Evaluated under Central Zone for Stability Analysis by Rank based Measures Considering BLUP and BLUE of Yield Values