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Ramya, A.

  • A Case Study on Demographic Features and Treatment Measures of Leprosy Patients

  • A Simple and Cost Effective Dead Time Elimination Scheme for Suppression of Vibrations in Elevator System

  • A Single Phase Z-Source Matrix Converter for Wind Turbine Generation Systems

  • A Dynamic Predictive Approach to Identify an Optimal Cloud Availability Zone with Maximum Satisfaction Level

  • Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System - An Innovative Approch for Enhacement of Solubility and Therapeutic Potential

  • A Study on Green Computing:The Future Computing and Eco-Friendly Technology

  • A Study on Developing Competency of Workforce Planning

  • Assessment of Appropriate use of Antibiotics in Paediatric Department of A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

  • Efficient Approach for Delay Analysis in Digital Circuits

  • Performance of Eccentrically Braced Frames Under the Action of Lateral Load

  • A Comparative Analysis on Various Noise Reduction Techniques Tested for Medical Images

  • The Role of Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist as an add on therapy to β2-Agonists in Acute Asthma