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Reddy, A. N.

  • Living and Dead Foraminiferida in the Araniar River Estuary, Chingleput District, Tamil Nadu State

  • Cluster Analysis and Distribution of Recent Foraminifera, Araniar River Estuary, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Trace Fossils in Cores of Kopili, Barail and Tipam Sediments of Upper Assam Shelf

  • A Note on the Occurrence of Elphidium norvangi from Southeast Coast of India

  • Bathymetric Significance of the Ichnofossil Assemblages of the Kulakkalnattam Sandstone, Ariyalur Area, Cauvery Basin

  • How to Save Millions Thru Repair and Maintenance Welding Technique

  • Deccan Volcanism Linked to the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Mass Extinction: New Evidence from ONGC Wells in the Krishna-Godavari Basin