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  • Extroversion Characteristics in Relation to Visual Search

  • Medium of Instruction in Relation to Academic Anxiety, Achievement Skills and Level of Creativity

  • Gender Difference in Using Defense Mechanisms during Depressive Disorder

  • Coping Strategies in Patients with Depressive Disorder: A Comparative Study

  • High Level of Estrogen in Male Oral Cancer Patients and Consumption of Smokeless Tobacco

  • Dividend Behavior of Selected Companies in India

  • Correlates of Body Mass Index (BMI) with their Socio-Economic Status of Urban and Rural Adults of Varanasi District

  • Effect of shankhapushpi on Attentional Processes

  • Perception of Menopause among Indian Women:A Qualitative Study

  • To Study Personality Traits as Predictors of College Adjustment among Students

  • Study on the Production Cost of Sucralose Induced Low Calorie Dietetic Aloe Vera Kheer

  • Algorithm for Solving Cross Edge Problem by GEOCROSS Routing Protocol in VANET

  • Monitoring and Control System for Precision Farming using WSN

  • Smart Locket

  • HDL Design and Verification of General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) Coprocessor

  • Factors Influencing Target Detection

  • FC-QIA:Fingerprint-Classification based Quick Identification Algorithm

  • A Study of Humor and Satire in Vikram Seth’s Fiction

  • Determinants of Employee Attrition:A Study of Organised Retail Sector in Selected Cities

  • Review of Dynamic Means Partition based Clustering algorithm for Time Series Data

  • Query Algorithms of Multimedia CBIR Class for Fuzzy Database System:A Survey

  • Review of Privacy Preserving Data Mining

  • Study of TCP/IP Reference Model

  • Impact of Advertisement on Buying Behaviors of Consumers

  • Phosphorylated Epoxy Nanocomposites:Study of Structure and Mechanical Properties

  • Satisfaction with the Sex Life as a Predictor of Marital Adjustment among Working Women

  • Impact of Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) on Attention

  • Aggression and Emotional Regulation among Children across Gender and Working Status of Mothers

  • Aggression and Emotional Regulation Among Children Across Gender and Working Status of Mothers

  • Perceived Social Support as a Determinant of Marital Adjustment in Working and Non-Working Mothers

  • Copy Move Image Forgery Detection with Exact Match Block Based Technique

  • Academic Stress nad Self-esteem Among Rural and Urban Adolescents

  • Memristor Based 12t Sram Circuit Using Sleepy Stack Approach In 180NM Technology