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Informatics was promoted three and half decades ago with a vision to be a leading global player in the electronic information Business. Headquartered in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, the Company has a team of over 150 well-qualified personnel and a sales network spread over length and breadth of India. Additionally, the company is backed up by a team of over 200 home-based workers that the company has developed in the last fifteen years who are constantly trained by the Company in various tasks of information handling for various content development projects. The company currently has a client base of more than 3000 customers in India and abroad across the higher education and publishing segments.

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 SAARJ Journal on Banking & Insurance Research

Publisher:South Asian Academic Research Journals
Editor: Dr.Priti Pandey
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2319-1422
Frequency: Bimonthly

 Sadbhavana-Research Journal of Human Development

Publisher:Sadbhavna Publications
Editor: Dr. AK Banerjee
Online ISSN: 2277-7377, Print ISSN: 2249-6424
Frequency: Biannual

 SAMVAD: International Journal of Management

Publisher:Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune ​(SIBM)
Editor: Dr. Poornima Tapas
Online ISSN: 2348-5329, Print ISSN: 2249-1880
Frequency: Biannual


Publisher:C.P. & Berar College
Editor: Dr. Medha Kanetkar
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2249-8567
Frequency: Annual


Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. A ABUDU
Online ISSN: 1369-1643, Print ISSN: 1357-714X
Frequency: Annual

 Schizophrenia Research and Treatment

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Celso Arango
Online ISSN: 2090-2093, Print ISSN: 2090-2085
Frequency: Annual

 Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Nusret Aksan
Online ISSN: 1687-6083, Print ISSN: 1687-6075
Frequency: Annual

 Scientific Journal of Physical Science

Publisher:American V-King Scientific Publishing, LTD.
Editor: Prof. Xianfang Zhu
Online ISSN: 2167-1583, Print ISSN: 2167-1575
Frequency: Quarterly

 Scientific Programming

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Davide Ancona
Online ISSN: 1875-919X, Print ISSN: 1058-9244
Frequency: Annual

 Scientific Research and Essays

Publisher:Academic Journals
Editor: Dr. N.J. Tonukari
Online ISSN: 1992-2248, Print ISSN:
Frequency: Monthly

 ScieXplore: International Journal of Research in Science

Publisher:Vellalar College for Women (Autonomous)
Editor: Dr. N. Maragatham
Online ISSN: 2350-0999, Print ISSN: 2349-8919
Frequency: Biannual

 SDMIMD Journal of Management

Publisher:Informatics Publishing Limited and SDM Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD)
Editor: Dr. Mousumi Sengupta
Online ISSN: 2320-7906, Print ISSN: 0976-0652
Frequency: Biannual

 SFIMAR Research Review

Publisher:St. Francis Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
Editor: Dr. Sulbha S. Raorane
Online ISSN: 2581-7450, Print ISSN: 0975-895X
Frequency: BiAnnual

 Shock and Vibration

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Mehdi Ahmadian
Online ISSN: 1875-9203, Print ISSN: 1070-9622
Frequency: Annual

 SJCC Management Research Review

Publisher:St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous)
Editor: Dr. Nirmala Joseph
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2249-4359
Frequency: Biannual

 Sleep Disorders

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Michel M. Billiard
Online ISSN: 2090-3553, Print ISSN: 2090-3545
Frequency: Annual

 Smart Grid and Renewable Energy

Publisher:Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Editor: Prof. Victor Sreeram and Prof. Yuanzhang Sun
Online ISSN: 2151-4844a, Print ISSN: 2151-481X
Frequency: Monthly

 Smart Materials Research

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Mehdi Ahmadian
Online ISSN: 2090-357X, Print ISSN: 2090-3561
Frequency: Annual

 SMU Medical Journal

Publisher:Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Gangtok
Editor: Prof (Dr) Prasanta Kumar Mitra
Online ISSN: 2349-1604, Print ISSN:
Frequency: Bi-Annual

 Social Networking

Publisher:Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Editor: Dr.Li Weigang
Online ISSN: 2169-3323, Print ISSN: 2169-3285
Frequency: Quarterly

 Social Work Chronicle

Publisher:Publishing India Group
Editor: Dr. Anupam Hazra
Online ISSN: 2320-5032, Print ISSN: 2277-1395
Frequency: Annual

 Sociology Mind

Publisher:Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Editor: Prof.Asafa Jalata
Online ISSN: 2160-0848, Print ISSN: 2160-083X
Frequency: Quarterly


Editor: Saurabh Chandra
Online ISSN: 2347-6869, Print ISSN: 2347-2146
Frequency: Quarterly


Publisher:Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Editor: Prof.Anderson Ho Cheung SHUM
Online ISSN: 2327-0802, Print ISSN: 2327-0799
Frequency: Quarterly

 Soft Nanoscience Letters

Publisher:Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Editor: Prof.Francisco M. Marquez Linares
Online ISSN: 2160-0740, Print ISSN: 2160-0600
Frequency: Quarterly

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