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Informatics was promoted three and half decades ago with a vision to be a leading global player in the electronic information Business. Headquartered in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, the Company has a team of over 150 well-qualified personnel and a sales network spread over length and breadth of India. Additionally, the company is backed up by a team of over 200 home-based workers that the company has developed in the last fifteen years who are constantly trained by the Company in various tasks of information handling for various content development projects. The company currently has a client base of more than 3000 customers in India and abroad across the higher education and publishing segments.

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 The International Journal of Business & Management

Online ISSN: , Print ISSN:

 The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies

Online ISSN: , Print ISSN:

 The International Journal of Science & Technoledge

Online ISSN: , Print ISSN:

 The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society

Publisher:Informatics Publishing Limited and The Indian Mathematical Society
Editor: Sudhir Ghorpade
Online ISSN: 2455–6475, Print ISSN: 0019-5839
Frequency: Quarterly

 The Microfinance Review

Publisher:Bankers' Institute of Rural Development (BIRD)
Editor: Smt. T.S. Raji Gain
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 2229-3329
Frequency: Biannual

 The Scientific World Journal

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Domenico Accardo
Online ISSN: 1537-744X, Print ISSN: 2356-6140
Frequency: Annual

 Theoretical Economics Letters

Publisher:Scientific Research Publishing Inc.
Editor: Prof.Moawia Alghalith
Online ISSN: 2162-2086, Print ISSN: 2162-2078
Frequency: Bimonthly

 Theory and Practice in Language Studies

Publisher:Academy Publisher
Editor: Dr. Yongyang Wang
Online ISSN: 2053-0692, Print ISSN: 1799-2591
Frequency: Monthly


Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Louis M. Aledort
Online ISSN: 2090-1496, Print ISSN: 2090-1488
Frequency: Annual

 TIMSR Journal of Management Research

Publisher:Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai
Editor: Dr. Ramakumar Ambatipudi
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 2278-5752
Frequency: Biannual

 Toxicology International (Formerly Indian Journal of Toxicology)

Publisher:Informatics Publishing Limited and The Society of Toxicology, India
Editor: Dr. Vinod Kumar Dumka
Online ISSN: 0976-5131, Print ISSN: 0971-6580
Frequency: Quarterly

 TRANS Asian Journal of Marketing & Management Research

Publisher:The Asian Research Journals
Editor: Dr. B.C.M.Patnaik
Online ISSN: 2279 – 0667, Print ISSN:
Frequency: Monthly

 TSM Business Review

Publisher:Thiagarajar School of Management
Editor: Prof. Gautam Ghosh
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2348-3784
Frequency: Biannual

 Tuberculosis Research and Treatment

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Jeffrey K. Actor
Online ISSN: 2090-1518, Print ISSN: 2090-150X
Frequency: Annual



Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Clélia Akiko Hiruma Lima
Online ISSN: 2090-1534, Print ISSN: 2090-1526
Frequency: Annual

 Urban Studies Research

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Nurit Alfasi
Online ISSN: 2090-4193, Print ISSN: 2090-4185
Frequency: Annual


 Veterinary Medicine International

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Maria Laura Bacci
Online ISSN: 2042-0048, Print ISSN: 2090-8113
Frequency: Annual

 Veterinary Science Research Journal

Publisher:Hind Agri-Horticultural Society
Editor: Dr. Alka Singh
Online ISSN: 2230-942X, Print ISSN: 0976-1284
Frequency: Biannual

 Veterinary World

Publisher:Veterinary World
Editor: Dr. Anjum V. Sherasiya
Online ISSN: 2231-0916, Print ISSN: 0972-8988
Frequency: Monthly

 Veterinární medicína

Publisher:Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Editor: Prof. MVDr. Karel Hruška
Online ISSN: 1805-9392, Print ISSN: 0375-8427
Frequency: Monthly

 Vidyaniketan Journal of Management and Research

Publisher:Oxford College of Business Management
Editor: Dr. K. Tharaka Rami Reddy
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2320-3951
Frequency: Biannual

 Vishwakarma Business Review

Publisher:Vishwakarma Institute of Management
Editor: Dr. Shailesh Kasande
Online ISSN: 2230-8237, Print ISSN: 2229-6514
Frequency: Biannual

 VISION: Journal of Indian Taxation

Publisher:Journal Press India
Editor: Dr. M. M. Sury
Online ISSN: 2395-2571, Print ISSN: 2347-4475
Frequency: Biannual

 VLSI Design

Publisher:Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Roc Berenguer
Online ISSN: 1563-5171, Print ISSN: 1065-514X
Frequency: Annual


 We'Ken- International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

Publisher:A Venture of Intellects Link Up
Editor: Dr. Ramesh P. Ravella
Online ISSN: 2455-7609, Print ISSN:
Frequency: Quarterly

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