Indian Journal of Positive Psychology

Indian Journal of Positive Psychology

Publisher: IAHRW Publications Private Limited
Editor: Dr. Sunil Saini
Online ISSN: 2321-368X, Print ISSN: 2229-4937
Frequency: Quarterly


IJPP is a Quarterly referred Journal Published by IAHRW. The journal is a medium for empirical enquiry, theoretical papers, reviews, applied and policy related articles. The journal welcomes all modes of research: experimental, observational, interpretive, and survey. The aim is to provide quality information and enable scholarly deliberation contributing to the growth and success of Positive Psychology. We welcome proposals for articles that address important issues of positive psychology with special emphasis on: Positive Psychology, Positive Clinical Psychology, Positive Health Psychology, Positive Organizational Psychology, Positive Social Psychology Positive Developmental Psychology, Positive Community Psychology..

Table of Contents

Vol 9, No 3 (2018)


Gender and Locale Differences in Personality Traits among Adolescents
Anchal Thakur, Tejpreet Kaur Kang, Seema Sharma
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181029 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 334-347
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Emotion Regulation among Young Indian Women:The Role of Accessing Happy Memories
Edward Hoffman, Garima Srivastava, Fernando A. Ortiz, Maria Paula Fonseca
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181030 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 348-354
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Relationship Between Organizational Ethical Climate and Counterproductive Work Behaviors with the Moderating Role of Personality Characteristics
Farhad Emami, Seyed Ahmad Mirjafari, Aminallah Fazel
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181031 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 355-359
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Forecast of Academic Motivation Based on Parenting and Self-Referencing in Secondary School Students
Azam Rahimi, Aminallah Fazel
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181032 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 360-363
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The Risk of Physical and Psychological Abuse with Children in Families Involved in Emotional Divorce and Formal Divorce
Esmat Mehrjoo, Ladan Hashem
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181033 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 364-367
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Expectancy Anxiety Based on Learning Styles and Thinking Styles Based on Learning Styles and Thinking Styles in High School Students in Darab
Tahereh Askari, Mahbobeh Chin Aveh
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181034 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 368-371
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The Relationship Between Religious Beliefs with Responsibility and Marital Satisfaction of Married Students of Marvdasht Branch of Islamic Azad University, Psychology and Education Sciences
Saeed Mockmeli Jahromi, Morteza Keshavarz
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181035 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 372-375
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Comparison Between Social Anxiety, Fear of Negative Evaluation and Irrational Beliefs in Male and Female Students of Ninth Grade in Fasa in Academic Year 2017-2018
Zahra Aboalghasemi, Hamid Sina
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181036 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 376-381
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Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction among University Students of Eastern Uttar Pradesh of India:A Demographical Perspective
Ashok Kumar Patel, Shraddhesh Kumar Tiwari, Suman Singh, Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181037 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 382-386
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Mattering and Self-Compassion as Mediators of the Relationship between Attachment Style and Marital Satisfaction among Young Spouses in Kerala:A Mixed Method Study
Praseena Sebastian
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181038 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 387-392
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Music Therapy Effectiveness on Depression of Women Referring to Shiraz Specialist Social Emergency Center
Elham Afshinpour, Ali Naseri
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181039 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 393-397
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Effect of Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP) on Cognitive and Interpersonal Responses among Middle Aged Children
Sujata Honap, Anagha Lavalekar, Veena A. Shepal, Mrunal D. Paranjape
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181040 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 398-403
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Positive Employee Behaviors and Occupational Burnout in Healthcare Workers: Moderating Roles of Work Engagement
Bolanle Ogungbamila
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181041 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 404-412
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Family and School Environment in Relation to Adolescents Emotional Intelligence and Future Aspiration
Muhammad Akram Uzzaman, A. K. M. Rezaul Karim
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181042 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 413-422
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Adjustment Pattern of Youth Across Different Socio-Economic Groups in Manipur
Aduana Panmei, Mahananda Manju, Mathur Anjali
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181043 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 423-426
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Life Satisfaction, Personal Growth Initiative and Hope in Alcoholics:A Correlation Study
Mehezabin Dordi, Mrinalini Purandare
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181044 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 427-431
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Prediction of High-Risk Behaviors Based on Emotional Intelligence and Sensation Seeking among Drivers in Shiraz
Mohammad Eftekhrifar, Ali Naseri
DOI: 10.15614/ijpp/2018/v9i3/181045 ,  Vol 9, No 3 (2018), Pagination: 432-435
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