About the Journal

JournalCover         Indian Journal of Innovations & Developments
Editor : Prof. Natarajan Gajendran Ph.D

Print ISSN : 2277 - 5382 
Online ISSN : 2277 - 5390
Frequency : Monthly

Aim & Scope
Indian Journal of Innovations and Developments (IJID) is the official journal of the “Indian Society for Education and Environment" (iSee). IJID focuses broad aspects of innovations and developments. The journal relating to innovations and developments have emerged as an attractive subject of discussion, the discourse often has been confined to technological innovations in the industrial and agricultural sectors involving both product-innovation and process-development, Innovative thinking and practices in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Industry, Agricultural, Economics, Policy-making, health, education and the institutional barriers to advancement form the basis of the discourse to be fostered.

The objective of IJID is to establish an effective channel of communication between government agencies, policy-makers, academic and research organizations and people concerned in latest research, scientific discovery and practices of innovations and developments in Science, Technology, Engineering,  Industry, Agricultural, Economics, Policy-making, health, and education sectors. An international dimension is the key and major objective and goal of this journal.

IJID provides a domain to assist researchers, academics, policy-makers, professionals and educators to disseminate information and learn from each other’s work, thus promoting development in the field.

IJID publishes expert reviews, original research articles, perspectives, analysis, news, letters, technical reports and case studies.

Subject Converge
The domain of interest of IJID is broad, and we encourage submission on the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Industry, Agricultural, Economics, Policy-making, health, and education within the focus of innovations and developments. Topics suitable for publication will be included (but it is not limited to);

  • * Scientific innovations and Developments (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • * Collaborative system of innovation
  • * Health and development
  • * Innovative supply-chains and joint ventures
  • * Institutional change and development
  • * Knowledge transfer and technology transfer
  • * Patenting, research and development in industry
  • * Policy-making and development
  • * Regional innovation strategies
  • * Regional systems of innovations, competitiveness and development
  • * Role of institutional, political and organizational factors influencing innovative strategies 
  • * Social business and innovations
  • * Technological change and development
  • * Technological learning and innovations in developing and developed countries
  • * Technological learning and innovations in local, regional and global value chains
  • * Uncertainty and risks in innovation and development