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Vig, Deepika

  • Assessment of Parent-child Relationship across Various Levels of Social Maturity of Parents

  • Exploratory Analysis of Intellectual Abilities, Metacognitive Skills and Academic Performance of Rural Adolescents

  • Role of Visual Perception in Improving Quality of Handwriting

  • Psycho-Social Morbidities among Adolescents:A Threat to Physical and Mental Well-Being

  • Inter Relationship between Parental Use of Positive Values and Strong Family Bonds

  • Relationship between Social Maturity of Parents and Family Relationships as Perceived by Teenagers

  • Education as Determinant of Parental Knowledge Regarding Management of Learning Difficulties among Children

  • Inclusive Education:A Boon for Children with Special Needs

  • Adolescence and Health Concerns:An Overview of Facts and Fallacies

  • Selfie and Mental Health Issues:An Overview

  • Learning Disability:Needs Space in Policies

  • Perception of Parent-Child Relationship:A Critical Analysis of Gender Differences

  • An Appraisal of The Metacognitive Skills and Learning Styles of Rural Adolescents

  • Academic Anxiety and Self-Esteem of Learning Disabled Children

  • A Study of Mental Health of Adolescents with Selfie Addiction

  • Impact of Intervention in Remediating Visual Perception Skills of Urban School Children with Poor Handwriting

  • Metacognition, Self-Regulation and Learning Environment as Determinant of Academic Achievement