Behavioural Neurology

Behavioural Neurology

Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Jan Aasly
Online ISSN: 1875-8584, Print ISSN: 0953-4180
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Behavioural Neurology is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of behavioural neurology.

Table of Contents

Vol 2016 (2016)


Long-Term Functional and Psychosocial Consequences and Health Care Provision after Traumatic Brain Injury
Nada Andelic, Solrun Sigurdardottir, Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla, Alison K. Godbolt
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-3
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Mechanism of Forelimb Motor Function Restoration after Cervical Spinal Cord Hemisection in Rats: a Comparison of Juveniles and Adults
Atsushi Hasegawa, Masahito Takahashi, Kazuhiko Satomi, Hideaki Ohne, Takumi Takeuchi, Shunsuke Sato, Shoichi Ichimura
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-9
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Research Article

Cox-2 Plays a Vital Role in the Impaired Anxiety Like Behavior in Colchicine Induced Rat Model of Alzheimer Disease
Susmita Sil, Tusharkanti Ghosh
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-8
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The Effect of Task-Irrelevant Fearful-Face Distractor on Working Memory Processing in Mild Cognitive Impairment Versus Healthy Controls: an Exploratory fMRI Study in Female Participants
Amer M. Burhan, Udunna C. Anazodo, Jun Ku Chung, Amanda Arena, Ariel Graff-Guerrero, Derek G. V. Mitchell
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-13
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Dream Recall Frequencies and Dream Content in Wilson's Disease with and without REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder: a Neurooneirologic Study
Gotthard G. Tribl, Mateus C. Trindade, Michael Schredl, Joana Pires, Iris Reinhard, Thais Bittencourt, Geraldo Lorenzi-Filho, Rosana Cardoso Alves, Daniel Ciampi de Andrade, Erich T. Fonoff, Edson Bor-Seng-Shu, Alexandre A. Machado, Manoel J. Teixeira, Egberto R. Barbosa
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-11
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Orofacial Pain during Mastication in People with Dementia: Reliability Testing of the Orofacial Pain Scale for Non-Verbal Individuals
Merlijn W. de Vries, Corine Visscher, Suzanne Delwel, Jenny T. van der Steen, Marjoleine J. C. Pieper, Erik J. A. Scherder, Wilco P. Achterberg, Frank Lobbezoo
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-7
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Determinants of Noncompliance to Clinic Appointments and Medications among Nigerian Children with Epilepsy: Experience in a Tertiary Health Facility in Enugu, Nigeria
Roland Chidi Ibekwe, Appolos Chidi Ndukuba, Ann Ebele Aronu, Christopher Bismarck Eke, Mary Ann Ugochi Ibekwe, Ngozi Chinyelu Ojinnaka
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-9
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Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life after TBI: Comparison of a Disease-Specific (QOLIBRI) with a Generic (SF-36) Instrument
Nicole von Steinbuechel, Amra Covic, Suzanne Polinder, Thomas Kohlmann, Ugne Cepulyte, Herbert Poinstingl, Joy Backhaus, Wilbert Bakx, Monika Bullinger, Anne-Lise Christensen, Rita Formisano, Henning Gibbons, Stefan Hofer, Sanna Koskinen, Andrew Maas, Edmund Neugebauer, Jane Powell, Jaana Sarajuuri, Nadine Sasse, Silke Schmidt, Holger Muhlan, Klaus von Wild, George Zitnay, Jean-Luc Truelle
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-14
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Human Neural Stem Cells overexpressing Choline Acetyltransferase Restore Unconditioned Fear in Rats with Amygdala Injury
Kyungha Shin, Yeseul Cha, Kwang Sei Kim, Ehn-Kyoung Choi, Youngjin Choi, Haiyu Guo, Young-Hwan Ban, Jong-Choon Kim, Dongsun Park, Yun-Bae Kim
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-9
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Laser Evoked Potentials in Early and Presymptomatic Huntington's Disease
Marina de Tommaso, Giovanni Franco, Katia Ricci, Anna Montemurno, Vittorio Sciruicchio
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-8
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Assessment of Internal Jugular Vein Size in Healthy Subjects with Magnetic Resonance and Semiautomatic Processing
M. M. Lagana, L. Pelizzari, E. Scaccianoce, O. Dipasquale, C. Ricci, F. Baglio, P. Cecconi, G. Baselli
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-7
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Review Article

Clinical Study

Predictors for Return to Work in Subjects with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Eirik Vikane, Torgeir Hellstrom, Cecilie Roe, Erik Bautz-Holter, Jorg Assmus, Jan Sture Skouen
 Vol 2016 (2016), Pagination: 1-10
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