Veterinary Science Research Journal

Veterinary Science Research Journal

Publisher: Hind Agri-Horticultural Society
Editor: Dr. Alka Singh
Online ISSN: 2230-942X, Print ISSN: 0976-1284
Frequency: Biannual


Veterinary Science Research Journal is an official publication of the HAS. It features the original research in all branches ofYeterinary and other cognate sciences of sufficient relevance. The journal publishes three types of artic les. i.c. Review/Strategy/Case study (exclusively by invitation from the personalities of eminence), Research paper and Research Note. The manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate with CD in all respect to the Editor, Veterinary Science Research Journal

Table of Contents

Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017)

Research Article

Impact of Animal Waste on Environment, its Managemental Strategies and Treatment Protocols to Reduce Environmental Contamination
Amandeep Singh, Mohd. Rashid
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 1-12
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Management, Constraints and Prospects of Indigenous Horse Development in Bangladesh
M. P. Alam, M. S. A. Bhuiyan, A. K. F. H. Bhuiyan
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 13-19
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Critical Control Points of Listeria Species in Two Major Fish Catchment Areas of Kerala, India
K. Vrinda Menon, B. Sunil, C. Latha, Ashok Kumar
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 20-25
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Hemato-Biochemical Profiles of Kathiawari Horses in and around Junagadh Region
R. J. Padodara, V. K. Singh, M. M. Pathan, A. B. Odedara, V. A. Kalaria, B. R. Patel
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 26-30
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Milk Production Function and Resource Use Efficiency in Rural and Urban Area of District Bulandshahr of Western U.P.
Yogendra Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Shukla
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 31-37
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Repair of Uterine Rupture by Eversion Technique Following Schistosomus Reflexues Fetal Delivery in a Jersey Crossbred Cow
S. Alagar, S. Manivannan, M. Selvaraju, S. Manokaran, K. Ravikumar
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 38-40
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Estimation of Biochemical Constituents in Different Vegetables
Sheeba Ali Siddiqui, C. M. Noorjahan
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 41-46
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Gross Morphometric Studies on Sternum and Ribs of Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)
S. Mehta, Rupam Sinha, K. K. Singh
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 47-49
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Cytological Features of Uterine Flushing in Repeat Breeder Cows
S. Alagar, R. Ezakial Napolean, M. Selvaraju, G. A. Balasubramaniam, P. Selvaraj
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 50-53
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A Review

Strategies for Prevention, Control and Eradication of Zoonotic Diseases
Chandra Shekhar
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 54-63
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Synchronization of Estrous in Dairy Cattle in Rajasthan
Rabindra Kumar, Sudeep Solanki
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 64-72
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Necrotic Enteritis in Layer Chicken
M. Geetha, K. M. Palanivel
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 73-76
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A Case Study

A Case of Carapace Fracture in an Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans)
Boon Allwin, S. Bharath Jothi, V. Naveen Kumar, B. S. Pradeep Nag
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 77-78
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Research Note

Therapeutic Management of Flea Bite in a Dog
Sandhya Morwal
 Vol 8, No 1-2 (2017), Pagination: 79-80
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