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The aim of this study was to compare the cardiovascular and respiratory effects and the bispectral scale index (BIS) as well as the recovery period characteristics in response to treatment with a propofol/alfentanil admixture of different concentrations in dogs undergoing splenectomy. We conducted a prospective, randomised, blinded experimental trial. Anaesthesia was induced and maintained by continuous-infusion anaesthesia of propofol and alfentanil or a propofol/alfentanil admixture after premedication with acepromazine (0.03 mg/kg). Dogs were assigned to receive different concentrations of the admixture. Changes in BIS value, heart rate (HR), respiratory rate (fR), non-invasive arterial blood pressure, pulse oximetry (SpO2), end-tidal carbon dioxide concentrations (ETCO2) and rectal temperature (RT) were recorded at predefined time points during anaesthesia. Data [mean ± standard deviation (SD)] were analysed by analysis of variance (ANOVA) for repeated measures followed by a Dunnett's test and Student's t-test (P <0.05) and where necessary, the Mann-Whitney U-test. No significant differences were found between groups with respect to age, body mass, SpO2, ETCO2, fR, systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure (SAP, DAP and MAP). BIS values were significantly lower in Group 2 when compared to Group 1 at T7, T8, T9. The HR of Group 2 was significantly lower at T2 to T9 when compared to Group 1. The propofol and alfentanil admixture provided satisfactory results in dogs undergoing splenectomy. Thus, an admixture of propofol/alfentanil may be used for total IV anaesthesia in dogs at the infusion rates determined in this study.


Propofol, Alfentanil, Admixture, Total Intravenous Anaesthesia, Dogs.
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