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Paikaray, Rita

  • Application of Ultrasonicated Blended Solvent for Dewaxing of Crude Petroleum Oil

  • Elastic and Ultrasonic Properties of LaPn (Pn=N, P, As, Sb, Bi)

  • Study of Lennard Jones Potential Repulsive Term Exponent, Relative Association and Interaction Parameter in Binary Liquid Mixture at Different Frequencies

  • Study of Molecular Interaction in Ternary Liquid Mixture of an Aprotic Liquid Using Ultrasonic and Viscosity Probes

  • Sonochemical Analysis of Solvent Mixtures Used for Surface Treatment of Natural Fibers

  • Acoustical Properties of Binary Mixture of Dehpa With Cyclohexane at Different Temperatures

  • Study of Physical and Acoustical Properties of Nuclear Extractant

  • Ultrasonic Study of Aqueous Solution of Cellulose with NaOH for Surface Modification of Natural Fiber

  • Studies of Free Volume, Internal Pressure, Relaxation Time, Excess Enthalpy and Absorption Coefficient in Aprotic-Aprotic Binary Mixture