Reason-A Technical Journal (Formerly Reason-A Technical Magazine)

Reason-A Technical Journal (Formerly Reason-A Technical Magazine)

Publisher: Kalyani Govt. Engineering College
Editor: Dr. Santanu Das
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2277-1654
Frequency: Annual


The scope of publication in Reason - A Technical Journal includes any field of applied science, technology and management that would be of interest to the academic fraternity, practicing engineers, management personnel, and active researchers.

Original research articles, review articles, technical notes and technical comments are invited to submit to the Editor to the email ID:

Contributed articles are double-blind peer reviewed and plagiarism checked using iThenticate system of Crossref-USA before consideration for publication in the Journal. There is no fee to pay for publication in it. This publication is funded by Kalyani Government Engineering College, Government of West Bengal.

Table of Contents

Vol 18 (2019)

From the Editor's Desk

From the Desk of the Editors
Santanu Das, Sanchayan Mukherjee
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/iv-iv/196160 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 
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Study of the Effects of a Crack in Statically Loaded Structural Elements with the Aid of Piezosensor
Shoaib Raza, MD. Jabir, Abhishek Kumar, Adnan, Goutam Roy
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/9-15/196161 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 9-15
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Numerical Validation of Flow Boiling Analysis in Ansys Fluent with VOF Approach
MD Shahbaz, Md Naim Hossain, Nripen Mondal
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/16-24/196162 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 16-24
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MHD Convection in a Lid-Driven Cavity Heated Linearly at Bottom
Subhrajyoti Sarkar, Akash Jha, Ritesh Samanta, Nirmalendu Biswas, Nirmal K. Manna
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/25-35/196163 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 25-35
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Assessment of Water Surface of Reservoirs with Varying Time and Increasing Population in Contai of West Bengal
Souvik Chakraborty, Subhasish Das
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/36-44/196164 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 36-44
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Two Dimensional Grid Transformation by Algebraic Method
Arijit Dutta
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/45-49/196165 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 45-49
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Industrial Case Study of Low-Pressure Die Casting of AlSi9Cu1Mg Aluminium Alloy to Reduce Casting Defects
Dhanraj B. Waghmare, Sumit Bhatia
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/50-60/196166 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 50-60
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Influence of Corner flow on Mixed Convection in a Cavity
Anish Pal, Sayanta Midya, Aakash Gupta, Nirmalendu Biswas, Nirmal K. Manna
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/61-71/196167 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 61-71
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Identification of Goat Breeds by Digital Image using Convolution Neural Network
Satyendra Nath Mandal, Sanket Dan, Pritam Ghosh, Subhranil Mustafi, Kunal Roy, Kaushik Mukherjee, Dilip Kumar Hajra, Santanu Banik
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2019/72-82/196168 ,  Vol 18 (2019), Pagination: 72-82
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