Reason-A Technical Journal (Formerly Reason-A Technical Magazine)

Reason-A Technical Journal (Formerly Reason-A Technical Magazine)

Publisher: Kalyani Govt. Engineering College
Editor: Dr. Santanu Das
Online ISSN: , Print ISSN: 2277-1654
Frequency: Annual


The scope of publication in Reason - A Technical Journal includes any field of applied science, technology and management that would be of interest to the academic fraternity, practicing engineers, management personnel, and active researchers.

Original research articles, review articles, technical notes and technical comments are invited to submit to the Editor to the email ID:

Contributed articles are double-blind peer reviewed and plagiarism checked using iThenticate system of Crossref-USA before consideration for publication in the Journal. There is no fee to pay for publication in it. This publication is funded by Kalyani Government Engineering College, Government of West Bengal.

Table of Contents

Vol 19 (2020)

From the Editor's Desk

From the Desk of the Editor
Provas Kumar Roy
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/iv-iv/209269 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: iv-iv
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Cyclonic Hazards in the Recent Past in Peninsular India
Gautam Kumar Das
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/1-15/209270 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: 1-15
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A Blind Stick Assisting Blind Person to Detect Obstacle Ahead and to Alert the User
Swagnik Kundu, Sibsankar Dasmahapatra
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/16-25/209271 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: 16-25
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Forest Covers of West Bengal: A District-Wise Review
Gautam Kumar Das
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/26-63/209272 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: 26-63
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Metabolic Pathway of Hereditary Cancer Disease from PPI-network of DEGS Detected using Mean-of-Mean Method
Bandana Barman
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/64-80/209273 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: 64-80
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Investigation on Spring-Back Effect of Galvanized Iron Sheet
Atanu Pandit, Santanu Das, Sourabh Kumar Das
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/81-93/209274 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: 81-93
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RSM Based Modeling and Optimization of TIG Welded Joint
Abhishek Ghosh, Sudip Mandal, Goutam Nandi, Pradip Kumar Pal
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/94-111/209275 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: 94-111
ABSTRACT |  PDF Abstract Views: 31  |  PDF Views: 10
Therapeutic Approach to HIV/AIDS in Integration with Nanotechnology
Monalisa Kesh
DOI: 10.21843/reas/2020/112-124/209276 ,  Vol 19 (2020), Pagination: 112-124
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