Manufacturing Technology Today

Manufacturing Technology Today

Publisher: Central Manufacturing Technology Institute
Editor: Dr. Nagahanumaiah
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0972-7396
Frequency: Monthly


Manufacturing Technology Today is a monthly publication brought out by CMTI which features Technical articles on various topics like Metal working, Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, Robotics, Nano technology, etc.; Technology trends; Abstracts of literature published in journals received by CMTI library (Manufacturing Technology abstracts); Abstracts of patents granted / filed in topics related to manufacturing (Patent abstracts); Happenings within CMTI, Events related to manufacturing technology such as Seminars, Exhibitions, Conferences, etc.; News related to Intellectual property and patenting. The monthly journal could be availed from CMTI through subscription.

Table of Contents

Vol 20, No 5-6 (2021)

Technical Paper

Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) using TPM in Industries
P. V. Mulik, G. S. Kamble, M. R. Jadhav, P. J. Patil
 Vol 20, No 5-6 (2021), Pagination: 3-14
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External Inversion of Aluminium Tubes Under Static and Dynamic Compression
Mujeeb Pasha, B. G. Vijayasimha Reddy
 Vol 20, No 5-6 (2021), Pagination: 15-20
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Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Characteristics of Rotating Arc Gas Metal Arc Welded Carbon Steel Joints
N. Sankar, S. Malarvizhi, V. Balasubramanian
 Vol 20, No 5-6 (2021), Pagination: 21-30
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Modeling of Magnetic Assisted EDM of EN24 Steel Using Artificial Neural Network
Utkarsha U. Dabade, Prajakta R. Nalawade, Amar S. Bhandare
 Vol 20, No 5-6 (2021), Pagination: 31-37
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Manufacturing Technology Abstracts
 Vol 20, No 5-6 (2021), Pagination: 38-53
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Patent Abstracts

Patent Abstracts on Electrical Discharge Machining
 Vol 20, No 5-6 (2021), Pagination: 54-58
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