Journal of Surface Science and Technology

Journal of Surface Science and Technology

Publisher: Informatics Publishing Limited & Indian Society for Surface Science and Technology (ISSST)
Editor: Prof. S.P. Moulik
Online ISSN: 0976-9420, Print ISSN: 0970-1893
Frequency: Biannual


Publishing the Journal of Surface Science and Technology with an International Editorial Board is the prime activity of the Indian Society for Surface, Science, and Technology. The journal covers theoretical and basic aspects of colloid and interfaces science and its related applications in technology. Publication of conference proceedings and monographs is also undertaken by the Society from time to time.
The Journal is Indexed in Scopus with H-Index 12 and included in UGC Mandate, ICI and Annexure-II-Anna University.

Table of Contents

Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019)

Review Article

Centenary of Langmuir Isotherm
Animesh Kumar Rakshit, Satya Priya Moulik
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/23508 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 1-16
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Ultrasonic Velocity and Critical Micellar Concentration of Glycerol Monostearate in Mixed Organic Solvent at 290 K
Kritika Sharma, Sujata Negi, Kamal Kishore
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/16349 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 17-25
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Physical Investigations on (MoO3)x-(WO3)1-x Composite Thin Films
K. Srinivasarao, Ch. Prameela
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/18461 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 26-35
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A Comparative Study of Novel Tribological Response of Hybrid Epoxy Composites Reinforced by MWCNT/ Graphene/Nanodiamond
Baljit Singh, Akash Mohanty
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/20098 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 36-44
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Wear and Hardness Studies of Graphene Decorated with Graphene Quantum Dots (G-D-GQD) Embedded Epoxy Nano Composites
Manuel George, Akash Mohanty
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/20103 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 45-53
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Improvement in the Tribological Properties of AISI D2 Die Steel by DLC and WC-C Coatings
S. Sivarajan, R. Padmanabhan, Arun Kumar Sharma
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/20110 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 54-59
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Study on Microstructure and EDAX Analysis of Al/SiC/Gr Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
M. Elango, K. Annamalai
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/20108 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 60-66
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Effect of Growing Conditions and Post Treatments on Calcium Phosphate Films Obtained by Electrode Position
Francy N. Jimenez-Garcia, Laura R. Giraldo-Torres, Belarmino Segura-Giraldo, Astrid Lorena Giraldo-Betancur, Juan Munoz-Saldana
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/21052 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 67-76
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Surface Modification of AISI 1018 Low Carbon Steel by Duplex Treatment of Nitrocarburizing and Post-Oxidation
Jagdeep Sharma, Balwinder Singh Sidhu, Rajesh Gupta
DOI: 10.18311/jsst/2019/22173 ,  Vol 35, No 1-2 (2019), Pagination: 77-81
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