Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research

Publisher: National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources, New Delhi
Editor: Dr Sanjay Sengupta
Online ISSN: 0975-1084, Print ISSN: 0022-4456
Frequency: Monthly


This oldest journal of NISCAIR (started in 1942) carries comprehensive reviews in different fields of science & technology (S&T), including industry, original

articles, short communications and case studies, on various facets of industrial development, industrial research, technology management, technology forecasting,

instrumentation and analytical techniques, specially of direct relevance to industrial entrepreneurs, debates on key industrial issues, editorials/technical

commentaries, reports on S&T conferences, extensive book reviews and various industry related announcements.It covers all facets of industrial development.

Table of Contents

Vol 79, No 12 (2020)

Mechanical Engineering

Effect of Groove Location on Pressure Profile of Twin Axial Groove Journal Bearing
Vijay Kumar Dwivedi, Pooja Pathak, Kamal Sharma, Manish Saraswat
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1049-1052
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CFD-Based Analysis of Wedges Water Entry under Impact Loads
Xujian Lyu, Dongdong Tang, Yanmin Guan, Jianglong Sun
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1053-1056
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Electrical Engineering

Design and Development of a Digital Controlled Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) AC Power Supply for Ozone Generation
T. N. V. Krishna, P. Himasree, S. Srinivasa Rao, Yedluri Anil Kumar, Naga Bhushanam Kundakarla, Hee-Je Kim
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1057-1068
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Electronics & Telecommunication

An Efficient Source Localization Method in Presence of Multipath using Smart Antenna System
Saurav Ganguly, Jayanta Ghosh, Puli Kishore Kumar, Mainak Mukhopadhyay
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1069-1073
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Practical Design of Electronic Emergency Stop Devices for Machine Safety
J. Alvaro Fernandez-Muñoz, J. Ignacio Suarez-Marcelo, M. Dolores Moreno-Rabel
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1074-1079
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Energy Technology & Management

Transesterification of Jatropha curcas Oil by using K Impregnated CaO Heterogeneous Catalyst
Gajanan Sahu, Sujan Saha, Y. S. C. Khuman, Sudipta Datta, Prakash D. Chavan
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1080-1086
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Computer Science & Information Technology

Scene based Classification of Aerial Images using Convolution Neural Networks
Palak Mahajan, Pawanesh Abrol, Parveen K. Lehana
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1087-1094
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A New Improved Approach for Feature Generation and Selection in Multi- Relational Statistical Modelling using ML
Vikash Yadav, Mayur Rahul, Rati Shukla
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1095-1100
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Identification of Real-Time Maglev Plant using Long-Short Term Memory Network based Deep Learning Technique
Amit Kumar Sahoo, Rudra Narayan Pandey, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra, Prajna Parimita Dash
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1101-1105
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Performance Evaluation of the Cloud-based QR Code Identity Tag System with Cloudlets
Vassilya Uzun
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1106-1109
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R&D Management

The Influence of Aging on Technological Innovation: Empirical Evidence from China
Yuqing Zhu
 Vol 79, No 12 (2020), Pagination: 1110-1115
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