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Maheshwari, J. K.

  • Taxonomic Studies on Indian Guttiferae I. the Genus Calophyllum L

  • Taxonomic Studies on Indian Guttiferae II. the Genus Mesua Linn.

  • The Genus Wightia Wall. in India with a discussion on its Systematic Position

  • Taxonomic Notes on the Indian Coral Tree (Erythrina variegata L. Var. Orientalis Merr.)

  • On the Identity and Nomenclature of some Indian Plants

  • The Food-Producing Crops in the Tropics

  • On the Nomenclature of Cut-Leaved Tecoma

  • The Grassy Scrub Vegetation of Khandwa Plateau, Madhya Pradesh

  • Nomenclatural Notes on some Indian Species of Araliaceae

  • A Contribution to the Flora of Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

  • Taxonomic Studies on Indian Guttiferae III. the Genus Garcinia Linn. S.l.

  • The Genus Craterostigma Hochst. (Scrophulariaceae) in India

  • The Grass Cover of India

  • Some Interesting Plants from Upper Gangetic Plain

  • Supplement to the Synoptic Flora of Kota Division (S. E. Rajasthan)

  • Introduction of Fruit and Nut Crops in Medieval India

  • Conservation of Rare Plants - Indian Scene Vis-a-Vis World Scene