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Health has various dimensions: 1. physical health, 2. mental health, and 3. spiritual health that the spiritual health affects the physical and mental health and it is influenced by them at the same time. Prayer is the highest order of worship is the religion of Islam and can have physical, spiritual and spiritual effects on the individual. The prayer affects the individuals’ purity, Wudu1 and observance of one’s health directly affects one’s own health. Its physiological effects, such as bowing, strengthen the abdominal muscles, digestive system, the spine, neck, hands legs and thighs. Prostration is considered as the most important part of prayer in the treatment of lumbar discs, strengthening of the neck and increasing blood flow to the brain, which in turn contributes to the relaxation and reduction of anxiety. In this study, while addressing the principles and states of prayer, they are adjusted with the physicians’ recommendations, some of the results of which were that prayer is very effective in spiritual and body health. The results of medical research confirm that prayer can be referred to as the spirit and body exercise. There is a significant relationship between those parts of prayer and its components with more medical effects e.g. purity, the presence of the heart, long prostrations, and night prayer that are focused by the religion. The Quran and narrations refer to the multifaceted nature of prayer and its principles. Each principle is like the rings of a chain that provide the worldly and here after health of the human being.


Body, Healing, Medicine, Prayer, Purity, Soul.
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