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This cross-sectional study was conducted in the district of North Bogor to find out the relationship of facilities, knowledge and counseling to the level of behavior of the handwashing of elementary school students. This research is a quantitative study, accompanied by observations of the availability of handwashing facilities in schools. Data characteristics, facilities, counseling, behavior and knowledge of students were collected using a questionnaire. Three hundred fifty-five students (51.8% were male) registered in this study. The average age of students is 10 years (73.0%). The availability of facilities such as hand washing facilities (100%), toilets (100%), clean water (97.7%), running water (82.0%) and soap (91.3%) in schools is quite complete. The behavior of students using soap when washing their hands (76.1%), after defecating small (88.7%), and after handling animals (82.0%). Students’ knowledge about correct hand washing (73.8%), the exact duration of handwashing (22.8%). In the logistic regression analysis, gender, age and counseling were not significantly related to student behavior. However, facilities (P=0.011) and knowledge (P=0.037) are related to students’ handwashing behavior. Observation found that the availability of washbasket facilities in five schools was in good condition and functioning normally as well as the standard operational procedures for handwashing in schools, but placed in a location that is not visible to students. In short, students’ handwashing behavior is still lacking, especially among students who are in schools with inadequate facilities and have less knowledge about handwashing.


Attitude, Counseling, Facilities, Handwashing with Soap, Knowledge, Students.
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