Journal of Industrial Engineering

Journal of Industrial Engineering

Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Babak Abbasi
Online ISSN: 2314-4890, Print ISSN: 2314-4882
Frequency: Annual


Journal of Industrial Engineering is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of industrial engineering.

Table of Contents

Vol 2015 (2015)

Research Article

A Sustainable Manufacturing Strategy from Different Strategic Responses under Uncertainty
Lanndon Ocampo, Eppie Clark, Kae Vines Tanudtanud
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-11
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Robust Design Optimization of a 4-UPS-S Parallel Manipulator for Orientation-Regulating Control System of Solar Gather Panels
Guohua Cui, Haidong Zhou, Haiqiang Zhang, Dan Zhang, Yanwei Zhang
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-10
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Regression Model to Estimate Standard Time through Energy Consumption of Workers in Manual Assembly Lines under Moderate Workload
Abdul Ayabar, Jorge De la Riva, Jaime Sanchez, Cesar Balderrama
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-5
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Ergonomic Study and Design of the Pulpit of a Wire Rod Mill at an Integrated Steel Plant
Chandra P. Dewangan, Arun K. Singh
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-11
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Application of Systems Simulation for Predicting and Optimising Energy Requirements for HDF Production
Cristina Maria Luminea, John Donovan, David Tormey
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-16
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A Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Approach in Determining the Employer's Selection Criteria
Nora Muda, Noor Sulawati Mat Roji
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-10
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Developing an Inspection Optimization Model Based on the Delay-Time Concept
Ehsan Nazemi, Kamran Shahanaghi
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-7
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