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Kale, Vivek S.

  • Evidence of a Palaeoseismic Event from the Deccan Plateau Uplands

  • Testimony of Intraformational Limestone Breccias on Lokapur-Simikeri Disconformity, Kaladgi Basin

  • Carbonates Intertropicaux [Intertropical Carbonates]

  • Occurrence and Significance of Algal Stromatolites from the Choral Valley, Near Barwah, Khargoan District, M.P.

  • An Unusual Evaporite Association from the Papaghni Group, Cuddapah Basin

  • The Vendian System (Vol. 2: Regional Geology)

  • Constraints on the Evolution of the Purana Basins of Peninsular India

  • IGCP 264: Remote Sensing Spectral Properties Report of the Pune (India) Meeting-1991

  • Annual General Meeting 1995 : A Report

  • Macrofacies Architecture of the First Transgressive Suite Along the Southern Margin of the Kaladgi Basin

  • Remote Sensing for Natural Resources With Special Emphasis on Water Management

  • Purana Basins of Karnataka

  • Online Databases and other Internet Resources for Earth Sciences

  • Coastal Environments: Problems and Perspectives

  • Anant V. Phadke (1937-2010)

  • Occurrence of a Manganese-Bearing Horizon in the Kaladgi Basin

  • Occurrence of Planolites from the Nagarjuna Sagar Area, Northwestern Cuddapah Basin

  • Arterial System of Lava Tubes and Channels within Deccan Volcanics of Western India

  • A Reinterpretation of Two Chertbreccias from the Proterozoic Basins of India