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Kale, Vishwas S.

  • Long-Period Fluctuations in Monsoon Floods in the Deccan Peninsula, India

  • A Parametric Approach to Terrain Analysis and Geomorphic Regionalization of Pravara River Basin (Maharashtra)

  • Flood Studies in India: A Brief Review

  • A 2000-Year Palaeoflood Record from Sakarghat on Narmada, Central India

  • Himalayan Catastrophe that Engulfed North Bihar

  • River Morphology

  • Western Ghat Escarpment Evolution in the Deccan Basalt Province: Geomorphic Observations Based on DEM Analysis

  • Progress in Palaeohydrology: Focus on Monsoonal Areas-an Introduction

  • Late Pleistocene-Holocene Palaeohydrology of Monsoon Asia

  • Palaeohydrological Reconstructions Based on Analysis of a Palaeochannel and Toba-Ash Associated Alluvial Sediments in the Deccan Trap Region, India

  • An Extraordinary Period of Low-Magnitude Floods Coinciding with the Little Lice Age: Palaeoflood Evidence Fom Central and Western India

  • Palaeoflood Hydrology in the Indian Context

  • The Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating

  • Tropical Geomorphology