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Patel, Satish J.

  • Analysis of Ichnoguilds and their Significance in Interpreting Ichnological Events: A Study from Jhuran formation (Upper Jurassic), Western Kachchh

  • Trace Fossil Assemblages (Ichnocoenoses) of the Tectonically Uplifted Holocene Shorelines, Kachchh, Western India

  • Kachchh Earthquake of 2001: Seismically Triggered Deformed Structures in the Intertidal Sediments of Mandvi Coast in the Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat

  • The Republic Day Kachchh Earthquake of 2001: Trauma in Oratosquilla striata

  • Burrowing Activities of Goby Fish in the Recent Intertidal Mud Flats along the Navinal Coast, Kachchh, Western India

  • Upper Callovian-Middle Oxfordian Belemnite Assemblage from Jara Dome, Western Kachchh

  • Animal-Sediment Relationship of the Crustaceans and Polychaetes in the Intertidal Zone Around Mandvi, Gulf of Kachchh, Western India

  • Bathymetric Significance of the Ichnofossil Assemblages of the Kulakkalnattam Sandstone, Ariyalur Area, Cauvery Basin

  • Trace Fossil Assemblages in Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sediments of the Kaladongar Formation (Middle Jurassic), Patcham Island, Kachchh, Western India