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Patel, S. J.

  • The Intensely Bored Rocks in Vinjhan (Kutch) Indicate Glossifungites Ichnofacies

  • Occurrence and Palaeoenvironmental Significance of Sand Domes and Sand Holes in Sandstone of Chari Formation near Bhuj, Kachchh, Gujarat

  • Middle Jurassic Trace Fossils from Habo Dome, Mainland Kachchh, Western India

  • Asteriacites quinquefolius-Asteroid Trace Maker from the Bhuj formation (Lower Cretaceous) of the Mainland Kachchh, Western India

  • Palaeoenvironmental Significance of Trace Fossils from the Palaeocene Sediments of the Pondicherry Area, South India

  • Paleoecological Significance of the Trace Fossils of Dhosa Oolite Member (Jumara Formation), Jhura Dome, Mainland Kachchh, Western India